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by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood,

  • Top Ten Tips for Overcoming Email Overload
  • Top Three Anti-Spam Filters

    About Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5

    About Overcome Email Overload with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002

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  • Email Effectiveness Training


    There are a number of exercises available. If you develop more, please let me know and I will add them to the list. (I will give you full credit, of course.)


    A draft of overheads/handouts available for comment. It covers:
    • Organizing and Prioritizing
    • Cutting Down on Incoming Messages
    • Spending Less Time on Responses
    • Reducing Ambiguity
    • Conveying Emotional Tone
    • Making Messages Legible
    • Getting and Keeping Attention

    You are welcome to use the visual aids in training classes that you develop as long as you do not remove the references to the Overcome Email Overload series or World Wide Webfoot Press.

    I am available to lead training classes on email effectiveness. Send me email for information on rates and availability.