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    About Overcome Email Overload with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002

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  • Overcome Email Overload

    with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002


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    • Overcome Email Overload pays for itself and is an absolute "must" for any worker who relies on Outlook 2000 or 2002 to process vast amounts of email - the strategies herein are superb time-savers!
      -- Midwest Book Review

    • [This] easy-to-follow book is packed with suggestions on removing clutter from your in box.
      -- Larry Magid, LA Times (syndicated)

    • Great strategies both for managing the deluge of incoming mail and for composing effective messages. This is a how-to book of the most practical kind -- how to deal with your everyday work, not how to use the software.
      -- Sue Mosher, Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center

    • Overcome Email Overload has probably cut the time I spend managing my email in half.
      -- Lonnie Falk, Rainbow PCM Reviews

    • An essential book for everybody using email. Five stars.
      -- Heinz Tschabitscher, Guide for's email section

    • It's a rewarding read even for those who think they're e-mail pros.
      -- Arthur Bebak, Netsurfer Digest

    • For anyone who is looking for a way to save time, money, and help relieve stress, this book is a must read.
      -- Suzie Housley,

    • I loved the tone of the book. Sherwood's sense of humor and unintimidating writing style make this a sure winner. Its wealth of information and accessibility make it an essential read for anyone who uses email.
      -- Trisha Gooch, Editor, ibizTips, Internet Business Forum

    • This is a thorough discourse on e-mail overload, easy to read and understand, well organized. It won't eliminate excessive e-mail altogether, but it can help you make substantial progress. I strongly recommend it.
      -- Dan Harmon, Editor, The Lawyer's PC

    • There's a lot of useful information here, from someone who is obviously an expert on the subject.
      -- Bob Schwabach, On Computers (syndicated column)

    • Overcome Email Overload with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 is packed with techniques that are easy to apply and really help cut down on your daily workload. Its many (often hilarious) examples clearly illustrate strategies for solving common email problems. A must-read for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively!

    • --Mike Beckerle, Manager and Software Designer

    • If you have ever felt like your e-mail was controlling you, this book can help you take back control. Office-support workers will find it particularly useful. --Joyce Grant, Editor, Administrative Assistant's Update

    • Companies would be well-served to make Sherwood's book a corporate standard. It would significantly improve their email effectiveness!

    • -- Barbara Noparstak, Records and Information Management Consultant, Api Consulting

    • I really enjoyed Overcome Email Overload with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 and found it to be perceptive, clearly-written and very well-organized; it has many useful and practical suggestions for dealing with this very critical area of modern business life. I consider it invaluable for all of us who are impacted by this new form of communication.
      -- Craig D. Wandke. Interpreter Operations Manager, Language Line Services

    • Did I learn new features of Outlook? Yes! Will I keep this handy when I am using Outlook? Yes again! Well done!!
      -- Neil Shapiro, Research Programmer

    • Do you spend hours wading through your email? Are you looking for ways to spend less time sending and answering messages? Learn the secrets of surviving email with Overcome Email Overload. With simple suggestions and detailed how-tos, this book will teach you the tricks to saving time and sending better messages.
      -- Julie Hood, author of The Organized Writer: 30 Days to More Time, More Money, and Less Frustration!

    • Make this part of your new hire kit and encourage a career of professional, organized communication.
      -- Andrea Talley, Technical Communication Manager

    • I've been an avid user of email since it was introduced. But I didn't really get overwhelmed by messages until I retired and served as Interim President of a theological seminary, and now as national volunteer Chair of one of the world's largest human services not-for-profit organizations. Sherwood's book has been a godsend to me. I particularly appreciate her skill at setting forth the "why" as well as the "what."
      -- Thomas J. Henderson, retired Chairman & CEO of Guy F. Atkinson Company

    • I've been using email for ten years, so I was skeptical that this book could tell me anything I didn't know already. Much to my surprise, I found highly useful advice immediately! The first three chapters alone made a staggering difference in my efficiency. I can't ignore email because it is integral to my work, but now I can easily limit the amount of time I spend on email when I need to attend to other things."
      --Leisa Fearing, Web Developer, elf Systems Corporation

    • I have supported e-mail users for five years and been a user for longer than that. Without a doubt my users and I will profit from using the tips and techniques that Ms. Sherwood presents. For all of those who wish to make a molehill of their e-mail mountains I would strongly recommend this book!
      --John M Gancz, Technical Lead, Quebec Learner's Network

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