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  • Overcome Email Overload: Entourage and Outlook 2001 for Mac OS Notes

    Outlook 2001

    Outlook 2001 is a Mac OS version of Outlook 2000/2002. It can only be used with an Exchange server, and has a VERY limited set of rules and very few features. (I was quite surprised at how meager its feature set is. Outlook Express for the Mac actually has a lot more features than Outlook 2001!)


    Entourage fills the same role as Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002, but is a completely different program.

    The user interface is completely different -- it is more like Outlook Express for Mac OS than it is to Outlook 2000/2002. (This pertains mostly to Chapters 2-4.)

    Entourage's capabilities are different as well:

    • Like Outlook 2000/2002, Entourage rules can set a category and you can sort your inbox by category, but you can't create a View to group by category. (Chapter 2)
    • There are no voting buttons. (Chapters 5 and 7)
    • Entourage has a different junk mail filter. (Chapters 3 and 5)
    • Entouage, like Outlook Express, has a very nice Mailing List Manager. (Chapter 5)
    • Entourage has a very nice rule action that Outlook doesn't have: remove attachment. You can use this to get rid of dangerous attachments like executables (.EXEs) or Visual Basic scripts. (Chapter 3)
    • A cute feature unique to Entourage is the random signature generator.

    Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
    Updated 23 August 2001.