Email or E-Mail?

I'm writing some books on how to overcome email overload and was worrying about whether to use "email" or "e-mail" in the book.

I've always been partial to "email" because the hyphen is hard to reach when touch-typing. Besides, I thought, the hyphen is stupid. How many words start with one letter and then a hyphen?

Wellllll, I found more than I wanted to....

A is the A-list of who's the "in crowd"
B is for B-school to make Mamma proud

C is for C-note (the gangster's small change)
While D's for D-day which cut Adolf's range

E is for E-mail, an electronic note
F is for F-word (that daren't be spoke)

G is for G-string that dancers must wear
and H's for H-bomb to fight the Red Scare

I is for I-beam to make a strong fort
and J's for J-school to learn to report

K is for K-9, the cop that goes woof
while L's for L-bracket (to hold on your roof)

M is for M-dash (the one that is long)
with N for N-dash (all over this song)

O is for O-ring of Space Shuttle tears
Q is the Q-tips you stick in your ears

R is for R-value home insulations
S is for S-set used in German nations

T is for T-shirt that Americans wear
and U's for the U-joint of auto repair

V is for V-neck which looks rather dressy
X is for X-ray which acts to undress ye

Y is for none else but Y-chromosome
and if I knew Z I could maybe go home

But you probably noticed I slipped past a few
I left out the P and W

M-dash and N-dash are sort of a cheat
But say what you will, they do keep the beat

But if you know how to make this song better
Send me a rhyme for your favorite letter!

Explanation of terms
Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
Last updated 16 May 2000.