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"I'm impressed with Ms. Sherwood's in-depth understanding of email issues and her clever ideas for dealing with the great gobs of email many of us get."

--Steve Dorner, original author of Eudora

"Finally! This excellent book fills a void in the how-to literature, offering simple and effective tactics for anyone overwhelmed by the daily deluge of email. This book has been a great help to us and to our clients, and it can help you too!"

--Irene Tobis, Ph.D., President, Ducks-in-a-Row® Organizing Consultants

"If you have ever felt like your e-mail was controlling you, this book can help you take back control. Office-support workers will find it particularly useful."

--Joyce Grant, Editor, Administrative Assistant's Update

"Email is supposed to be a tool to help you live your life. Unfortunately, most people spend more time maintaining the tool than extracting utility from it. This book gives you quick hints to reduce the time you spend configuring, filtering, and deleting mail and more time to deal with the important messages."

--Ed Krol, author of the best-selling The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog

and The Whole Internet: The Next Generation

"I loved the tone of the book. Sherwood's sense of humor and unintimidating writing style make this a sure winner. Its wealth of information and accessibility make it an essential read for anyone who uses email."

--Trisha Gooch, Editor, ibizTips, Internet Business Forum,

"This book helps e-mail novices and experienced users learn how to use Eudora and how to make effective and efficient use of e-mail. It does so in a pleasant manner with excellent examples and screenshots."

--Andrew Starr, eMailman®

"A solid book that will help anyone overwhelmed by email learn to cope."

--Adam C. Engst, author of Eudora for Windows and Macintosh

"Overcome Email Overload gives you everything you need to know to take back control of your inbox. Corporate, school and other email system managers should make Overcome Email Overload required reading by their users. Highly Recommended."

--Mary Houten-Kemp, creator of Everything Email

"Don't touch your email without first reading Overcome Email Overload ."

--Heinz Tschabitscher, Guide for About.com's Email section

"Eudora's design has always been driven by our desire to make email more accessible and manageable. Sherwood intimately understands that spirit in Eudora. Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5 is more than an instruction manual. It is a thoughtful and entertaining guide for how readers can take advantage of Eudora to make email easier to use."

--John W. Noerenberg II, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm, Inc.

(makers of Eudora)

"I really enjoyed Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5 and found it to be perceptive, clearly-written and very well-organized; it has many useful and practical suggestions for dealing with this very critical area of modern business life. I consider it invaluable for all of us who are impacted by this new form of communication."

--Craig D. Wandke. Interpreter Operations Manager, Language Line Services

"I've been an avid user of email since it was introduced, but in the past few years I've really gotten buried. Sherwood's book has been a godsend to me. I particularly appreciate her skill at setting forth the `why' as well as the `what.'"

--Thomas Henderson, retired Chairman & CEO of Guy F. Atkinson Company

"If you don't need more time, don't read this book. If you enjoy reading all your junk mail, you may not care for it. If you have never had trouble finding an important message, this book may not be for you."

--Russell Bridges, System Administrator

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